Lindsey's Testimony~~~New

I am that mother, like so many mothers, who want what is best for my child, but know I cannot do it alone.  I needed a school where I trusted the staff to keep my daughter safe and engaged.  My daughter needed a school where she was encouraged to grow, explore, and thrive.  The moment I entered Painesville Christian Academy, I knew God had answered my prayers.  The day my daughter started school, there were no tears…at least not from her.  She made huge educational strides very early on, but I also noticed that her attitude and actions were being positively developed and shaped.  She was being taught kindness, patience, and love.  The staff model these, and many other positive emotions, every day, whether it was kissing a boo-boo after a fall, saying prayers before all meals and nap time, or high fives and praise after a job well done.  With that said, every child has a bad day.  Every child has the day when they are crabby, or sad, or upset, my child included.  The beauty of these teachers is that they are 100% transparent in your child’s day.  I have never had a teacher sugar coat if my daughter had a bad day.  As a first time parent, I trust their guidance and experience when choosing the best options for my child because I know they only have her best interest at heart. 

The school has always thought “outside the box” when it comes to fun activities for her class.  She has met the local firemen and policemen and explored their vehicles, the school offers Family Nights where the parents are invited into participate in fun, education games with their children, and they even brought ponies to the school for the children to pet!  Every day is a day to learn and experience something new.  There is never a shortage on creativity on the teachers’ behalf either.  One day, the children participated in “storm watching” as a thunderstorm rolled in.  Another day, the children made crafts out of shaving cream.  The teachers have always been engaging and supportive of their students.  Role modeling the types of actions and behaviors you would want your child to emulate.

However, my favorite aspect of the school is that every day is a day to learn about Jesus.  Even in the Toddler Classrooms, they hear the stories of Christ and learn about His love for them.  A faith based school was important to me, as a Christian foundation will help to shape my daughter’s life.

The school has been nothing short of miraculous for my child and my family.  I know that my daughter is receiving the kind of education and positive role modeling that will only help her to flourish in her life.

Sherri's Testimony          

When it came time to switch our children from a private in-home babysitter to a preschool, our family decided that it was important to us to place them in a faith-based school.  After doing our research the obvious choice was Painesville Christian Academy.  My husband, Joe was raised in Catholic schools, where I went to public schools.  We weren’t very active with church but we knew it was important to give them some faith in their lives.  Little did we know that it would change the lives of our entire family.  The love, care, and compassion from every aspect of that school were so evident and God’s presence was felt throughout our children’s education there.  Our children were educated at Painesville Christian Academy thru middle school.  The outreach from church families there brought us to our now home church at Painesville Church of the Nazarene.  All three of our children were educated at either Nazarene or faith-based colleges and our two sons have entered the ministry, while our daughter pursues a doctorate in physical therapy.  Our oldest son, Adam returned to work summer camp at PCA.  Our other son, Ethan has worked summer camp there as well as his current staff position at PCA.  Ethan is also the Youth Pastor at Painesville Church of the Nazarene.   I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly blessed we have been by God and His wonderful school.  There is not enough time to share all of the stories of how God shaped our family through Painesville Christian Academy.  We are unable to thank them enough for loving our family into God’s Kingdom through the loving service of education.  It was truly more than a preschool for us.   May God bless your family too, through His school.

Kristen's Testimony

Have to say I'm very impressed. Cora told me the months of the year tonight after being at preschool for 3 days (something I've been trying to teach her for months). She must have an awesome teacher!

Sarah's Testimony

PCA has literally been a Godsend for my son and me. We needed a program on an emergency basis and they welcomed him with opened arms. All of the staff, from the director to the teachers, are amazing and committed to the children they serve. In just a few weeks of attending PCA my son has begun to behave like himself again, sleeping through the night and POTTY training. I do not believe a parent or loved one could ask for more from a program for their child. I feel that this program is exactly what our children need to grow to their fullest potential and am blessed to have my son attending. This experience has helped to strengthen my faith in God and others. Thank you PCA for all you have done for us.